Why Choose Rockwell?


We use a song-based teaching system so our students are learning songs they love while they get the academic benefits of music.


We don’t overbook ourselves, so our current clients get the full benefit of our energy. Many “Churn & Burn” studios cram as many students as possible into the smallest amount of time and space, creating teacher burnout and mediocre lesson quality. Not us! You’ll have access to a phenomenal teacher who is happy to be there.


Music lessons have other great benefits like: Better grades, higher self esteem, more confidence, and improved social skills. We’ve seen this proven over and over, and we know that we’re teaching so much more than music.


We’re exclusive. We have an incredibly high success rate because we only work with students that are truly excited about music.


We provide a clear lesson plan complete with goals, achievement levels, and performances.


All of our students feel like rock stars! Because we make sure each lesson is both fun and enriching.

Currently, we are fully booked, but will have a lesson time available in around two weeks.

Our rates range from $156 to $648 per month.


Take a look at what we’re working on:


Rockwell's mission: To enrich students' lives through music.

See what others have to say:

  • Our guitar teacher has inspired my son to love playing music for the rest of his life. I can't think of a more wonderful gift. The teacher's technique allowed my son to enjoy learning guitar by playing songs he wanted to play. This made him want to practice just for the fun of it! Our guitar teacher taught my son from the time he was 9 years old until he was 15. The easy going, positive attitude he exuded encouraged my son along his journey and made a strong bond and connection between the two of them. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who would like to learn to play guitar to sign up for lessons with Alex!
    — Holly, Roseville
  • This man is an awesome guitar teacher
    — Momoh, Brooklyn Center
  • Both myself and my son have taken lessons at Rockwell Guitar School. It was always fun and enjoyable. Our teacher was able to tailor lessons around our interests at the time. He would also encourage us to stretch ourselves by introducing interesting material and theory. I would highly recommend for young and older!
    — Ross, Shoreview
  • Our son looked forward each week to his guitar lesson at Rockwell Guitar School. He especially liked that he could share his music with Alex and learn to play what he liked and not the traditional stuff.
    — Tammy, Eagan
  • Great instructors! Rockwell Guitar lessons will help you learn whatever you want to regardless of genre, even including great tips and practice drills. They are very patient and determined to find the way that will help you learn the best. They are fun to hang out with, and goes at whatever pace you want! All-around amazing instructors and musicians!
    — Ryan, Shoreview
  • Rockwell Guitar Lessons is a wonderful school. Our son is a pretty non-traditional student- he was really interested in jingles and commercial music. Some teachers would have gone the traditional route but our guitar teacher really listened to Kai and customized a lesson plan that made it fun and interesting for him incorporating the types of music he liked no matter how left field. Kept his interest so it was fun not work and he really developed his skills and appreciation for making music.
    — Shannon, Shoreview
  • Rockwell Guitar School has fantastic instructors. Alex gave my 10 year old guitar lessons and was very patient with his attention span and sometimes lack of practice :-) He taught my son the songs that he wanted to learn, not forcing him into learning things of which he had no interest. I can't recommend Alex more highly....he has found his calling and has mastered it!
    — Karin, Shoreview
  • I used to play some guitar when I was young, but I had never taken any lessons. When I played with other guitarists, mostly in church settings, I would play simple cords and let the other guitarists cover up my mistakes. Now that I am 60 years old, I decided to make an effort at really learning how to play. I have only been taking lessons for 2 months, but Rockwell Guitar School has great instructors. They are familiar with the main type of music I like to play, contemporary worship music, and also is knowledgeable about Irish / Celtic music which I also love. They offer very helpful suggestions and instruction, and are very patient with the fact that I am 60 years old, and much of this, especially guitar tablature, is like learning a new language. Each lesson has some more insights and instruction to help me become a better player. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking for an instructor.
    — John, Shoreview
  • Very easy to work with....nice personality...and talented.
    — Nicole, Shoreview
  • Alex is a really awesome teacher I never minded waking up early on saturday for my guitar lessons.
    — Cam, New Brighton
  • Great guitar instructor. Easy to work with and patient. Knows his stuff.
    — Alex, Roseville
  • Alex is very knowledgeable in providing guitar instruction. The guitar lessons consist of learning via a lesson book, as well as student selected materials, and impromptu/sight reading exercises. He is very patient with students and is also very flexible with scheduling lesson times. A+
    — Barb, Roseville
  • Very cool, and a great guitar teacher!
    — John, North Oaks
  • Great guitar teacher, very patient and teaches how to play the right way!
    — Jeanne, Arden Hills
  • Alex was a very professional guitar teacher who was not only very good at the guitar but also very knowledgeable about music. He taught me some music theory as well as some different songs from my favorite bands which brought about learning in a fun way.
    — Nathan, St. Paul
  • Alex was a wonderful guitar teacher to our son from middle school all the way up to graduation. Because of Rockwell Guitar School, our son developed a love for the guitar and plays for fun while in school and had the opportunity to play for worship bands this past summer!!!
    — Diane, Roseville
  • Rockwell Guitar School is wonderful. They meet the needs of each child, individually. Teaching to their strengths.
    — Lori, Shoreview
  • I've taken guitar lessons from Alex for years. Over that time he's maintained a good balance of challenging and yet engaging. I've found him to always be encouraging and supportive with a calm approach to simplify what can be difficult material at times.
    — Keith, St. Paul
  • Alex is a great guitar instructor who teaches based on skill level and interest areas. No doubt he will move each student closer to their goals, with max enjoyment along the way!
    — Pete, North Oaks
  • Alex is a geat guitar teacher. I am an older student who wanted to get better at guitar. Alex is patient and great at adapting lessons to fit what I wanted to learn. He even showed me how to improve my banjo skills.
    — Steve, St. Paul
  • I only had a few guitar lessons with Alex before I moved away, but both my ability and my understanding of theory grew dramatically. Thanks Alex for giving me that push to get started.
    — Tom, Shoreview
  • Our son took bass guitar lessons from Alex and really enjoyed them! He learned to listen to current songs and find the bass line. Xavier also learned how to read tab, and he really enjoyed playing his bass guitar along with recorded tracks. Our son is a pretty busy kid, trying to balance sports, school, scouts and music. We did not want him to feel pressure about learning the bass, but we did want him to get a taste of how fun it can be to play music! We also wanted him to understand that learning to play requires a combination of listening and reading music. Rockwell Guitar School was a great fit for our son! And now Xavier has a basic musical skill that we know he can build on someday!
    — Lynda, Arden Hills
  • I think that Alex is a good guitar teacher because he lets us pick our own music and he also teaches it in an advanced and beginner level of teaching.
    — Ava, Shoreview
  • The guitar lessons I receive from Alex allow me to make significant strides and attain breakthroughs in my guitar playing. He's a very collaborative instructor who has helped me with the specific songs and styles I wanted to learn. Alex is a great communicator and works to help his guitar students improve in a way that is meaningful to the student. I leave each lesson with a true sense of accomplishment knowing that progress is being made.
    — Jim, Woodbury
  • Been doing guitar lessons with Alex and have found him to be a excellent teacher. He has helped me progress in my guitar playing and understanding the world of music I would recommend Rockwell Guitar School to anyone who would like to learn guitar. They're great!
    — Tom, Roseville
  • Alex is a superb teacher and is very patient and well schooled. I look forward to my guitar lessons every Friday.
    — Chris, St. Paul
  • Alex is incredibly knowledgeable and great with students of every age group! During guitar lessons we worked on sight reading, ear training, memorizing chords and scales, different picking and strumming patterns, theory lessons, and anything else that I discovered and wanted to try.
    — Krystal, Shoreview
  • Alex is a 5 star instuctor and he has been my guitar instructor for nearly four years. There isn’t a style of music or song that he can’t play. More importantly, there isn’t a style of music or song that he can’t teach. He is flexible, adaptive, patient, and an overall great teacher. I highly recommend Rockwell Guitar School for beginner to advanced players and everyone in between.
    — Eric, Blaine
  • Rockwell Guitar School made it easy to jump right in and start learning songs that I chose in the first lesson. He's very flexible with genres and provides written tab/chords for each song that I could take with me for later reference.
    — Niki, St. Paul
  • Rockwell Guitar School took the time to find out my daughter's musical interests, and kept her interest by teaching riffs from some of her favorite songs. They were reliable, professional, and personable.
    — Janice, Shoreview
  • Alex is a fabulous guitar instructor. He's very patient and encouraging. He understood my musical tastes and offered songs that I enjoyed practicing. I highly recommend Rockwell guitar lessons and would urge anyone who wants to learn guitar to use their services.
    — Brad, St. Paul
  • I've taken guitar lessons with Rockwell for over four months and can honestly say our sessions have drastically improved my skill set. They're great at tailoring each lesson by working through songs I want to learn to play and layering on the underlying themes / theory that is being used within each song. I definitely recommend taking guitar lessons with Alex!
    — Justin, St. Paul
  • My grandson took guitar lessons from Alex for 4 years. He started with an electric guitar and the last 6 months he played an acoustic guitar. No matter what song my grandson wanted to play, Alex was able to teach him. Alex is also very flexible if a lesson time needs to be changed.
    — Darlene, Mounds View
  • Our daughter, Grace, took guitar lessons from Rockwell Guitar School and had a wonderful experience. Alex did great finding out what her goal for playing was, right off the bat. For Grace, she wanted to be able to accompany her own singing. She picked some songs, they worked out the chords together, and pinpointed some riffs for her to learn. (The same thing everyone has to do when they learn a new song.) It was just great that Alex showed Grace that front-end work to learn a song pays off. On top of all of this, Alex is a super nice guy! Fun to work with and always supportive of his students!
    — Lynda, Arden Hills