Where are you Located?

Currently, we do in-home lessons only, at your location. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or meetup.

How Much Are Lessons?

Please check out our rates.

How do you figure your prices?

Let's say your lesson was on Tuesday. Sometimes there are 4 Tuesdays in a month, sometimes there are 5. To make it easier for everyone to remember, our prices are pro rated to 12 months/one year.

1 lesson rate x 52 weeks in a year = total per year

total per year / 12 months = monthly rate

We price lessons this way so that the monthly cost is always the same whether there are 4 lessons or 5 lessons in a month. To make it even more trouble-free, we also offer automatic payments through PayPal.

Where CAN i Park?

Currently, we do in-home lessons (at your location) only.

What do you teach?

For a comprehensive list of instruments and styles that we teach, please click here. To view a list of other music-related services that we offer, please click here

My Child (or my significant other) and I would both like to take lessons, do you offer this service?

Music is very much a social art. Learning or playing a musical instrument can be a fantastic bonding activity for two or more people. We recognize this and encourage people to invite their friends or family to take lessons as well.

However, anyone that is considering group lessons should be aware of something that we've observed time and time again: Any group members' progress is only as good as the lowest common denominator. In other words, people don't naturally learn the same things at the same time as everyone else-- everyone learns differently. So when you have two or more people in a lesson, one can easily get burnt out, frustrated, or bored.

Unfortunately, a lot of "Churn & Burn" guitar studios love to do group lessons because they're extremely profitable-- one fee for every person in the class adds up pretty quickly.

As a compromise, we suggest that each person take separate private lessons, but each person can also learn the same material.

Do you offer Discounts For ______?

We try to avoid discounting our services as much as possible, but there are causes that we believe in that can be discussed on a personal, case by case basis. Please contact us for more info.

We do offer extra services, content, bundles, and bonuses to people who sign up for longer plans.